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    Global Presence:
    Units in Brazil, USA, Europe and Asia

  1. Embraer is one of the world's main aircraft manufacturers, a position achieved due to the constant and determined pursuit of full customer satisfaction. With a global customer base and important internationally renowned partners, Embraer has been co​ntributing, for more than 40 years, to world's integration through aviation, shortening distances between people and offering the most modern technology, versatility and comfort in airplane.

Global Business


Number of Employees: Evolution by year

Revenue, profits, and delivery orders

Backlog Evolution* - US$ billion

Annual Evolution of Net Revenue (IFrS) - US$ million

Annual Evolution of Net Income - US$ million


Data updated June 30, 2014, and consolidated in accordance with IFRS

Data updated June 30, 2014, and consolidated in accordance with IFRS


Revenue per Segment

Revenue per Region

Data of 2014

Data of 2014


Delivery for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

January, 2014

2014 Deliveries

  1. Delivery by segment1T2TAccumulated 2014
    Commercial Aviation142943
    ERJ 145000
    EMBRAER 170101
    EMBRAER 17581624
    EMBRAER 1904812
    EMBRAER 195156
    Executive Jets202949
    Light Jets172239
    Big Jets3710

Embraer's order book on JUNE 30, 2014​

  1. Aircraft modelsFirm ordersOptionsDeliveriesFirm orders
    E-Jets E2 Family2002000200
    E-Jets Family1,2815601,041240
    EMBRAER 170188261880
    EMBRAER 175378375211167
    EMBRAER 19057015750862
    EMBRAER 195145213411

Note: Deliveries and firm order include orders for the defense segment placed by State-owned airlines (Satena and TAME)
Data updated on June 30, 2014

Aircraft deliveries: evolution by year

June 30, 2014

Market and investment AS OF ​DECEmber 31, 2013

Capital Ownership - Common (Voting) Shares: 740,465,044 (100%)

Investments - US$ million


Embraer in Numbers

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