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      We Strive for company excellences.

      Our company is composed of around thirty jobs grouped in five families what gives a global vision of organization and responsibilities.


    • Which kind of jobs?


      Commercial administration: Our employees prepare documents associated with sales, manage after-commercial activity in compliance with contractual obligations in order to fulfil objectives of contract profitability, in the framework of customer satisfaction standards.

      Aircraft sales: Our regional sales directors are in charge of developing intimate knowledge and relations with the clients and monitoring the local lobbying in order to lever business opportunities and turn them into actual aircraft sales.

      Marketing: employees apply Embraer marketing strategy to the region in order to optimise sales of aircraft, while developing knowledge of markets, prospects and products, identifying and developing market opportunities and managing the sales process up to contract signature.

      Commercial service sales: The team develops and produces sales of parts and services, as support to sales of aircraft, in compliance with the Business objectives of the Group and the EMEA zone.

      Some examples of jobs: commercial administrator, regional sales director, market analyst, sales representative.


      The Customer support ensures customer satisfaction by sustaining aircrafts availability in safe and customized conditions within the defined economic conditions and providing the customer with technical advice.

      They support product development by providing technical / product feedback to the engineering department to improve / correct the products.

      Some examples of jobs: customer account manager, field support engineer, spare parts representative.


      Central logistics: It ensures the most efficient and competitive material support, in concordance with customer satisfaction strategic targets and financial and economical performance for Embraer shareholders.

      Development project management: Our staff conceives and manages some projects dedicated to development and improvement of logistics capacity, efficiency and profitability on the EMEA zone.

      Logistics administration: It guarantees the customer satisfaction throughout after material support.

      Quality: These functions guarantee compliance of the quality system with aviation regulations, market standards, Group quality policy and customer satisfaction. They ensure its dissemination within the company and monitor its application.

      Supply chain: Oversight, development and rollout of flows and logistic solutions, in order to guarantee availability of parts and services, ahead of need, in the framework of quality standards (costs, lead times, procedures and regulatory compliance…).

      Warehouse: these functions guarantee that requests from internal and external customers are processed and responded to in compliance with standard costs, lead times, quality and quantity and safety measures, 24/7.To this end they manage and guarantee the physical, information and management flows in the stores, and with internal and external customers and third parties (external storage, transporters…).

      Some examples of jobs: material administrator, repair administrator, order taking administrator, quality engineer, transport controller, supply and logistic officer, warehouseman.


      Firstly, Le Bourget maintenance centre is a profit centre whose objective is to develop internal/external customer satisfaction by widening the scope of the Embraer offer to include services linked to aviation maintenance. Functions analyse and respond to customer requirements in terms of aircraft routine and corrective maintenance and managinf aircraft maintenance sites and component repairs. They guarantee compliance of services with air regulations, Group policies and contractual conditions.

      Then, Designated Maintenance Manager and Airworthiness Technicians ensure that the airworthiness status of the aircraft is in compliance with the maintenance program approved by the competent authorities and with contractual conditions.

      Some examples of jobs: maintenance manager, sales representative, aircraft technician, airwothiness technician.


      These support functions define, implement and check the application of the policies, functional and administrative rules, within the framework of the Group policies, cost and quality objectives and local regulations, to support and assist the realization of the firms’ operations. They watch the balance between the employees, shareholders and Direction’s satisfaction. Finally, they guarantee the provision and well functioning of employees and working conditions.

      Some examples of jobs: Human Resources, Management controller, Finance, external communications, internal communication, IT...